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Salefish, LLC | Framingham, MA

Does Your Business Have Growth Potential?

Do you need predictable, sustainable business growth?


Brian Hall with myPicboard

"In early Spring 2016 I was invited to sit in on one of the Sandler 2.0 weekly training sessions… and I have been hooked ever since! As a small business owner setting up an entirely new product classification, I didn’t have a sales process to improve upon, I needed to create an entirely new process from scratch! Attending the Boot Camp and weekly reinforcement training I easily embraced and adapted the natural conversational flow to suit my prospects’ and clients’ needs. This has literally opened up doors quicker than I ever expected and in more areas than just my business!

Well played with Pete Oliver and the Sandler-Salefish Team!"

Brian Hall
Innovator of My Pic Board

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