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Meet Lisa Oliver

Sandler Training | SaleFish LLC Framingham, MA

VP of Operations

Lisa Oliver is a sales execution strategist who partners with Sales Professionals and Sales Management to help them produce results and hit their goals. Winner of her middle school 6th Grade Science Fair, she thought she was destined for a career in healthcare. It took one freshman year Philosophy course to know she much preferred to argue with people. After all, this is what Sicilians are known for. 

Her sales career has consisted of direct sales and channel sales roles for companies including the likes of Insight, Cisco, Imperva, and Pure Storage. At SaleFish, she'll run the Client Success team in addition to helping her own clients with strategy, structure, and skills execution.

Lisa will talk your ear off about her love of interval training...when she's not paddleboarding or crossfitting, enjoys learning about health and wellness, loves visiting new places, and her QT with her husband and little girls.

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Connect with Lisa

Phone: (781) 856 6678




"Working with the Sandler sales system now for over 4 years, I have grown from a salesperson into a respected consultant to my customers. There is a different level of confidence now when approaching seemingly difficult conversations. I love the two initial rules - be confident, and don't stink! I have learned that we can definitely shift the end result of the sales process in our favor if we listen well, and learn to challenge our customer's way of thinking, while leading them to a rational conclusion and providing direction on the next steps. I'd have it no other way than the Sandler way!"

- Marcus M., Sales at McAfee