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Meet Our Team

At Sandler Training, we strive to be the best
at what we do, and help you to do the same.

pete oliver headshot 2021

Peter Oliver

Pete spends his days loving Sandler Training | SaleFish, LLC and his evenings trying to perfect his meatball cooking techniques while playing soccer (in the house) with his daughters.

Lisa Head shot v3

Lisa Oliver

Lisa Oliver is a sales execution strategist who partners with Sales Professionals and Sales Management to help them produce results and hit their goals. Winner of the 1992 6th Grade Science Fair, she thought she was destined for a career in healthcare. Little did she know, she was destined to help people, but not in the way she originally thought.

lindsay 2021

Lindsay Goetting

Lindsay owns the ‘Client Experience’, aiming to energize them for behavioral transformation, guide them through the delivery process, and shorten the learning curve. Similar to Sandler, Lindsay’s side-hustle as a personal trainer challenges clients to leverage a repeatable system that shapes positive habits. Whether it's cold calling or pushups, you'll hear her say "you don't have to like it, you just have to do it!"

Rich Austin 2022

Rich Austin

Rich seeks to be a dynamic, authentic and personable sales trainer and coach --- as he's been a struggling salesperson once before. His goal is to offer relatable stories, advice and nononsense tactics to change to ensure you don't ever look or sound like a steoreotpical salesperson.

Christina Brewer

Christina Brewer

Christina ensures that Sandler SaleFish is a well oiled machine.

suzette patterson

Suzette Patterson

Suzette has partnered with the SaleFish team to inject energy and enthusiasm into our virtual and inperson learning environments. Suzette's passion for comfort-zone expansion is contagious - she will challenge you to stop "shoulding" on yourself and finally take action on your goals.

Jeremy McDowell

Jeremy McDowell

Jeremy McDowell is a high energy and high impact sales leader with a track record of coaching sales teams to greater performance and quota attainment.

Pauline Bio Photo

Pauline Cabotage

Pauline is a high-energy project manager with a reputation for fierce execution in both scrappy start-ups and established organizations. A people-person, Pauline values building meaningful relationships and loves to brainstorm ideas and share knowledge with peers, colleagues, and clients.

Drew Rutledge 2021

Drew Rutledge

Drew is a sales leader and training specialist that helps clients exceed business, sales, and personal goals by modifying beliefs, behaviors, and skills to achieve new normals.

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