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Salefish, LLC | Framingham, MA & Hawaii

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Meet Our Team

At Sandler Training, we strive to be the best
at what we do, and help you to do the same.

CEO and Chief Sales Officer

Peter Oliver

Pete spends his days loving Sandler Training | SaleFish, LLC and his evenings trying to perfect his meatball cooking techniques while playing soccer (in the house) with his daughters.

Managing Partner

Lisa Oliver

Lisa Oliver is a sales execution strategist who partners with Sales Professionals and Sales Management to help them produce results and hit their goals. Winner of the 1992 6th Grade Science Fair, she thought she was destined for a career in healthcare. It took one freshman year Philosophy course to know she much preferred to argue with people. After all, this is what Sicilians are known for.

Marketing Manager

Reaghan O'Brien

Growing up with four brothers, Reaghan's parents were always telling her she had the same opportunities as the boys. She spent the first 7 years of her life believing this was true, until one day she decided she wanted to become President of the United States. Her parents had to sit her down and explain that this was an unrealistic dream, not because she was a girl, but because she was born in Geneva, Switzerland. Hillary Clinton is sure to be breathing easier.

Practice Leader, Technology Vertical

Bob Gregoire

Bob’s Career in sales and sales management began after graduation from the University of Massachusetts (Lowell) in 1983 with a degree in Business Administration (Marketing Concentration). His first job after finishing college was working for a startup computer hardware distributor as their first salesperson. As a result of on-the-job learning and several “cold calls”, Bob helped grow the startup from $0 to $2M/year in revenue within four years and was eventually promoted to Vice President of Sales.

David Litman

Director, Performance Development – SaleFish Hawaii

David’s passion and mission is in helping others to learn and grow. This began with his first oral presentation to his 5th-grade classmates (about how “cool” comets are). He leverage that passion into a Bachelors in business, a Masters in psychology, and over 25 years of experience in the areas of consulting, talent development, instructional design, coaching, project management, organizational development and general management.

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