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Grow Your Channel Relationships and Get More Leads

Common Channel Leadership Priorities

  • Improve quantity and quality of partner-sourced opportunities

  • Creating growth with eco-system & Alliance Partners

  • How to empower partners to scale

  • How to work with Partners to increase brand awareness

Make It Easy For Your Partners To Sell Your Products/Services

Bring the tools TO them, rather than expecting them to come to you asking for help to sell. 

Process and Friction:  Account mapping is tedious.  

Reactive:  Typically, the partner and vendor partnership begins after one of them finds an opportunity as opposed to having a plan and working to execute.

Education:  Do your partners understand the personas and talk tracks to sell your product/service? It’s not just about telling your partners what to say, it is also about telling them how and when to say it. 

Loyalty & Mindshare:   Your partners have multiple vendors and will focus primarily on the products/services that are the easiest to sell.  Who's spiffing me this week? What's my margin?

Accountability & Visibility:  Even if you had the loyalty, what insight do you have into the activities that resellers are engaged in other than the number of deals they register? There is no real view into leading indicators like how many calls they are making for you. Also, do you know which accounts they are actually calling other than knowing an account name that was on an Excel file that you sent to the partner?

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