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SaleFish Selling "How Tos"

How do I           

What’s the best way to          ?

We've compiled a list of hundreds of questions we get asked over and over again. They're all related to selling best practices.

Video Library: SaleFish Selling "How Tos"

We get asked questions all the time:


How do I...
-stand out from competitors during your first touch / cold outreach?
-prepare for a cold dial in under 5 minutes?
-handle someone who says “just email me some info”?
-handle a buyer who wants price immediately?

What's the best way to...
-come off as competent and confident as a brand new rep, selling to C-suite?
-capture a prospect’s attention in the first 30 seconds of a cold call?
-build credibility without sharing product knowledge?
-adapt my relationship-building approach based upon personalities?

Wondering how you can implement these techniques into your day to day selling approach?

What happens when you book a Discovery Call?

Step 1: 

We'll have an open exchange on your sales-specific goals and what caused you to reach out.

Step 2:

We'll share how we've helped other people or organizations (similar to you). We'll ask eachother questions specific to determine if there's a fit.

Step 3:

We decide if another conversation makes sense and schedule accordingly (or part ways!).



How Do We Help Our Clients?