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Sandler's Leadership Solutions

Strengthening the backbones
of successful companies

Training and Consulting Solutions for the Employee Life Cycle


Get the support you need to lead

Sandler's Leadership and Sales Management Programs are designed for personal and professional emergence and change.

Our training exercises not only teach you our proven management theories, they also teach you how to put these theories into practice in your everyday role. 

You will:

•  Engage employees & increase productivity
•  Understand and apply processes appropriately
•  Develop and refine leadership skills
•  Inspire and bring out the best in others
•  Set meaningful goals & development plans
•  Find, hire, on-board & retain top performers
•  Know what to track, how to benchmark
•  Hold employees accountable for productivity
•  Increase revenue

Our background and experience allow us to provide plenty of individual feedback and coaching, plus you also benefit from the input of other Strategic Management Solutions Program members.

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'Making the Climb' by Pete Oliver

A 'must have' playbook written by SaleFish CEO, Pete Oliver.

Want to know the single most common mistake senior management makes when promoting someone into a sales management role? Making the Climb is the antidote to the “sink or swim” approach that sabotages too many aspiring sales professionals.

This book was written for 'climbers' who are:

  • Newly promoted to sales manager and looking for a ‘how to succeed’ guide
  • Eager to transition into leadership but not sure you have what it takes
  • A seasoned leader looking to 'level up' your skillset
  • Looking to avoid the most common mistakes new leaders make
  • Open to new approaches to drive accountability, productivity and consistency within your team
mtc book cover and pete