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Got MEDDIC? Now What?

At SaleFish, we know tech, we know MEDDIC and MEDDPIC.


SaleFish is the gold-standard when it comes to SaaS.  We have a proven track record of customizing our approach to complex, enterprise-level selling environments and leveling-up an organization's behaviors, attitudes and techniques. 

SaleFish Client Perspective:

"If you do Sandler well, then you'll hit all the Meddic pieces. Alll details will be verified, confirmed, and you will have firm commitments from the customer. If you just do Meddic... you'll get some false positives. You'll hit all the check boxes, but the deal won't close."

-CRO at multi-billion dollar tech company

Why Do Organizations Work with Sandler SaleFish?

We work with hi-tech organizations who are crushing it in the B2B enterprise market and leverage MEDDIC and MEDDPIC to close big deals.

These orgs come to us because they’re sales teams are struggling with:


  • Prospects are controlling the sales cycle; don’t know how to engage with the economic buyer(s) 
  • The tactical ‘how-tos’ and correct messaging to get commitments and confirm buy-in
  • Proactive prospecting; no structured prospecting system with defined activities in place 
  • Economic buyers that stall the process and want to ‘think it over’
  • Getting “Happy ears”; want to believe what prospects tell them regarding the chances of getting the business and, as a result, sales forecasts are often overly optimistic


meddic missing

Clients who use MEDDIC/MEDDPIC have shared they're lacking:

  • Goal setting strategies; generating the appropriate plans and actions from quarterly/annual goals
  • The finesse of asking difficult questions; interactions are often too transactional, aggressive or self-serving
  • Skills to earn trust and get the truth from all decision makers 
  • Ongoing reinforcement to consistently apply and tweak; reps leave with a checklist 

Has this happened to you before?

You’ve checked every MEDDIC/MEDDPIC box in SalesForce, you’ve updated every field BUT:

  • The buyer has gone dark
  • You lost to a competitor
  • The buyer has pushed back the timeline, again

There’s a better way.


Adding Sandler to your Toolkit Offers These Outcomes:

 Run a predictable business that reaches and exceeds quotas
 Shorten sales cycles without creating pressure or pushing your personal agenda forward
 Get on the same page about a potential partnership, from beginning to end
 Leverage a process for prospecting and moving opportunities through the funnel with momentum
 Utilize proven talk-tracks and messaging guidelines without telling you what to do or say
 Implicating a buyer’s pain to really understand business and personal impact
 Earn the trust to ask tough questions to get to the truth


Sandler elevates your current way of qualification, presentation and closing business.

If it’s worth exploring a new way, Sandler SaleFish helps you map the execution how-tos to every opportunity. Get in touch.

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