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Sandler Selling System

Sandler Training was developed in 1967 by David Sandler. At the time, he found himself in a sales role and knew a lot about people, but nothing about selling. Through years of trial and error along with his knowledge of human behavior patterns, he developed the framework for a methodology that is used by millions of sales professionals and sales leaders around the world.

What makes Sandler different?

The basis of David Sandler’s methodology is REINFORCEMENT. Our program leads organizations through a learning pattern that encourages incremental change over time to create lasting success.

Are you tired of low or inconsistent sales results?

You are not alone in your frustration. Many of our clients have come to us seeking a solution to this problem. Here is what we offer...

  • An EFFECTIVE system that enables you to consistently achieve a desired outcome or set of outcomes.
  • An EFFICIENT system that allows you to achieve those outcomes without wasting resources—time, energy, money, etc

Our Methodology

The Sandler sales methodology fosters an attitude of leadership, rather than just emphasizing technique. Reinforcement training facilitates the development of new and empowering behaviors, attitudes, and sales skills, mapping a unique road map to lasting success.

Benefits of an Effective and Efficient Selling System include...

  • Maintain control
  • Shorten sales cycles by qualifying/disqualifying early
  • Recognize potential roadblocks and learn how to avoid them
  • Managers and Sales Professionals work together and speak the same sales “language”
  • Get a clear, well-understood decision and/or next step EVERY time

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