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Selling Hi Tech: From Top to Bottom of Funnel

Sandler SaleFish excels in the Hi Tech space.

We've worked with hi tech organizations to empower their sales professionals with the "how tos" that directly apply to opportunities in their pipeline.

What Our Clients Say

Optimize Your Efforts from Top to Bottom

Our comprehensive training programs, tailored to selling enterprise deals in the hi tech space empowers you to:

  • Grow great leaders and develop their ability to motivate and influence
  • Retain top talent by providing skills that directly apply to real-world opportunities
  • Differentiate value across competitive marketplace
  • Build a scalable strategy to increase referral networks
  • Establish best practices for PoC / PoVs, prior to kick-off, to ensure a win
  • Manage the procurement process in a clear and transparent way
  • Ask tailored questions to probe for needs that may extend or expand the conversation



 Sample Program Content:


Top of Funnel (Prospecting)

- Hyper personalization to CIO, CISO, CTO

- Building trust and remaining focused on the prospect's needs and priorities

- Early qualification and value building

Middle of Funnel (Qualifying)

- Understanding business outcomes and personal impact

- Building and validating your champion

- Navigating complex decision-making processes and securing investment

Bottom of Funnel (Negotiating)

- Demonstrating Equal Business Stature during negotiation, PoVs, procurement

- Overcoming objections and defusing bombs

- "Give to Get", creating a win-win for both parties

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