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We Offer the How Tos to Hi Tech Sales Organizations

SaleFish helps Hi Tech & SaaS organizations with their sales and management "how tos"; we will empower you to build a sales frame to close enterprise deals.

Our team members are authentic, real-world sales and business development coaches that will become an extension of your team

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We Specialize in the Hi Tech Space: Driving a Repeatable, Proven Sales Methodology

  • Technology & SaaS Organizations


  • Cybersecurity Organizations


  • Enterprise Software Organizations


We help our clients WIN.


  • Brianna B, Mid-Market Account Executive at Cyber-Security Organization


    Uncovered an opportunity that was valued at 3x the original proposal by digging through layers of pain and understanding the root of the problem.


  • Cary G, Enterprise AE at at Cyber-Security Organization


    Won a large Swedish bank new logo $1.6M opportunity on time by leveraging the upfront contract. We had many wins in the past 12 months that we can attribute to Sandler where we improved our position and/or increased our deal size.

  • Andrea L, Regional Sales Manager at Identity Detection & Response Organization


    We won a business of 60,000 endpoints with the largest bank in my region, against [COMPETITOR] who already had an installed base, the RFP was aimed at them and we were new to the Bank. It was important first to believe that we are the best, to identify and build trust with the key stakeholders, to understand their pain, to choose the strategic channel, to make a BVA and finally to meet with the c-levels. The business went to us.


  • Charles K, Senior Account Manager, Computer Security Software Organization


    Built rapport and trust while establishing Equal Business stature, stayed laser-focused on the prospect and THEIR needs, determined true business value via the pain funnel and closed deal for organization with 500,000 Endpoints for [product] upsale.


  • Trey M, Corporate Account Executive at Cyber-Security Organization


    I have been able to more effectively communicate with internal stakeholders that have different communication styles than I have. It has helped me take a step back and try and understand their personality, I execute UFCs throughout the POV and BVA process which helps promote transparency for both parties. 


  • Peter B, Enterprise AE at Information Technology Organization


    Setting the upfront contracts is crucial to my business. Setting the foundation with my customer/prospects and also colleagues is important to running any call. Understanding the problem, how we solve it, and making sure we set expectations and timelines so everyone is on the same page. I use this technique on all my calls to maximize the time and gain trust with my prospects.


Our clients tell us we've had a significant impact on:

  • Sales processes to dramatically improve connect & conversion rates

  • Systems and techniques to shorten sales cycles, raise ASP, and get to yes (or no) quicker

  • Eliminating "follow up" as a valid status for forecasted deals

  • Helping them be in the top 5% of companies effectively mapping goals to actions to results

  • Improving our clients' ability to NOT rely on gut and intuition when interviewing and hiring

  • Adding the 'art' to building a long-term partnership including human dynamics, communication preferences and psychology 

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Every Buyer is Different - Get Hyper-personalized:

We believe that the most effective and efficient salespeople treat buyers differently. Whether it's the CISO, CIO, CFO or any CXO, we must respect the personality, situation, and needs of each individual and treat others the way they want to be treated. It becomes especially challenging when dealing with a large, complex deal with multiple buyers and decision makers.  We offer a framework for building those relationships, getting to the truth, and gaining access to power --- all to drive a long term partnership.

Many of our clients use MEDDIC currently which offers a simple checklist for qualification. Many of them have shared that MEDDIC lacks the relationship building components to solidify the deal. If you're currently using MEDDIC, see how they compare below

Every Salesperson is Different - Leverage Your Strengths:

At Sandler, we don’t train salespeople to be one-size-fits-all sales robots. We understand that you have your own unique personality, strengths, knowledge, and communication skills, and that’s what separates you from the competition.

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