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Salefish, LLC | Framingham, MA & Hawaii

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Client Success Stores

Brian Hall with myPicboard

"In early Spring 2016 I was invited to sit in on one of the Sandler 2.0 weekly training sessions… and I have been hooked ever since! As a small business owner setting up an entirely new product classification, I didn’t have a sales process to improve upon, I needed to create an entirely new process from scratch! Attending the Boot Camp and weekly reinforcement training I easily embraced and adapted the natural conversational flow to suit my prospects’ and clients’ needs. This has literally opened up doors quicker than I ever expected and in more areas than just my business!

Well played with Pete Oliver and the Sandler-Salefish Team!"

Brian Hall
Innovator of My Pic Board


Shepherd and Goldstein Logo

"Being in a service industry opposed to a traditional sales role made me initially skeptical about how Sandler would work for me. As a CPA, the core of my work is assisting my business clients with their companies and helping them as they grow. To allow myself to grow personally and advance my career toward Partner, I needed to develop the skills to obtain new clients for the firm.

I initially attended the 2 day boot camp that really opened my eyes as to how much I was missing from my sales process. The energy in the room was electric and I left that training knowing this was something special.

I currently attend the weekly 2.0 trainings and in one week this year, I was able to obtain more clients than I did for the entirety of the previous year. I have also been able to share my experiences with my team members and clients, helping them with a fresh take on the sales process.

Attending trainings and keeping yourself accountable is key. Simply by showing up and participating in the activities I have not only become a better
champion for my company, but also developed some powerful skills that fit into all aspects of my life."

Melissa Lord, CPA
Manager at Shepherd & Goldstein, LLP

Protonex Technology Corporation Logo

"I began attending Sandler in February of 2016, shortly after transitioning from an engineering role into business development. I attended a two day boot camp that proved to be wildly useful in teaching me how to communicate, listen and interact with prospective customers, something not so intuitive for the typical engineer. I learned about the sales cycle for the first time and have embraced and reinforced the Sandler sales process over the last 8 months through weekly attendance of Sandler 2.0 classes.

Attending Sandler has helped me revive and strengthen Protonex commitment to being customer focused throughout all our Technical Service solutions. As a result, it has helped to improve customer satisfaction and strengthen those relationships, resulting in increased revenue and sustainment of a multi-Million dollar technical services business in alternative energy and advanced power markets. Protonex, through Sandler is learning to become a trusted provider of customer-centric technical service solutions and products that solve real world power and energy challenges experienced by our customers."

Forrest Harrington
Advanced Power Systems, Sr. Engineer
Protonex Technology Corporation