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Making the Climb

Emerge on Purpose. Take a positive step to grow as a leader.

This book is designed for top-performing, growth-oriented professionals preparing for and executing the transition into leadership.

Be a Climber.

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MAKING THE CLIMB is a resource for any person contemplating the transition into a leadership position, and for any leader mentoring such a person.


This book may be if you are:

  • Newly promoted to sales manager/leader and looking for a 'how to succeed' guide

  • Eager to transition into leadership but not sure you have what it takes

  • A seasoned leader looking to 'level up' your skillset

  • Looking to avoid the most common mistakes new leaders make

  • Open to new approaches to drive accountability, productivity and consistency within your team


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Gain business insights and learn new approaches to help you emerge as a sales leader.

Avoid the speed bumps and learn:

  • Why new sales leaders fail to thrive in a new position
  • Generate personal and meaningful impact in your first 90 days
  • Stop self-limiting beliefs that prevent you from getting out of your comfort zone - once and for all
  • How to establish a culture of accountability that drives respect and consistency
  • Create a 'sales team manifesto' that the whole team believes in and defends
  • How to hold yourself accountable to be a humble and helpful mentor and coach
  • Mentor new leaders to proactively "climb" and lead by example

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About the Author

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Peter Oliver

Peter Oliver is owner of a Sandler Training® Center with several locations, which has been named a “Sandler Summit Level” award winner. After attending Boston University, he managed various technology sales teams and grew a software business to $250 million. He divides his time between Hawaii and Massachusetts.