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Hi, we're Sandler SaleFish.

We help Hi Tech & SaaS organizations with their sales and management "how tos". 

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We Help Hi Tech Organizations Build a Sales Frame to Close Enterprise Deals





salefish howtos

Quick-hit videos offering time-tested and proven techniques to level-up your game.

Topics like:

-Building a Champion

-Having the Budget Conversation

-Complex Decision Making Processes

-Time Management Hacks

-Accountability Best Practices

Welcome to the Emerge On Purpose Podcast!

The podcast has EMERGED itself, it's now a video podcast!

Click to Tune In and Subscribe:  video OR audio !

Some topics on deck:

  • 4 Hacks to Stay Proactive with Top of Funnel Activity
  • How to Navigate Complex Decision Making Processes
  • 3 Must Haves When Hiring Hi Tech Sales Reps
  • Champion Building
  • Time Hacks for Sales People - that work!


Emerge on Purpose offers actionable "how tos" to combat common sales and sales management roadblocks.

Your hosts: Pete Oliver and Lindsay Goetting 

Systems for CEOs, CIOs, CISOs, Sales Enablement and Business Owners to onboard, develop, motivate and evaluate. 

Supervise, coach & mentor sales teams to be more effective and efficient, no matter how complex the sales cycle may be.

Methodology and solutions for the most complex sales environments.