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We enable sales professionals, sales managers, and C-level executives, at startup to enterprise businesses, develop the skills and strategies necessary to grow revenue, hit goals, and retain their best sales people.


Welcome to the Emerge On Purpose Podcast!


It's finally here! In this podcast, technology sales leaders will discuss leadership principles that you will find are instrumental in helping sales reps and sales leaders emerge on purpose.

Episode 3 - Your host, Pete Oliver, interviews Cody Manning, VP Sales of Yooz on how he was able to successfully make a transition from high-performing sales rep to manager. 

Break barriers, align leadership, gain clarity on the future.

Convert more prospects into customers.

Stress-free strategies to energize your team.

Lead generation for today’s organizations.

Enhance decision-making - Increase growth and profitability.

Master the gut-wrenching ordeals of leadership.

Grow revenues through current clients.

Drive activity to exceed revenue targets.

Solutions for the most complex sales environments.

SaleFish's own, Pete Oliver, presents at the 2018 Sandler Leadership Summit

When you look at your team, how often are your sales professionals and sales managers taking a step outside of their comfort zone. What does this mean? How will it help you achieve new successes and create new "normals". If you like this 2 minute clip, fill out the form below and we'll send you the entire 42 minute discussion on Comfort Zones. 


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