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Enterprise Organizations

We work with sales organizations in the hi-tech, hi-tech SaaS B2B, marketing technology, cybersecurity, enterprise software, and professional services industries.

How We've Helped Hi Tech Organizations with Sales Training, Coaching & Consulting:

Our clients tell us we've had a significant impact on:


  • Sales processes to dramatically improve connect & conversion rates
  • Systems and techniques to shorten sales cycles, raise ASP, and get to yes (or no) quicker
  • Eliminating "follow up" as a valid status for forecasted deals
  • Helping them be in the top 5% of companies effectively mapping goals to actions to results
  • Improving our clients' ability to NOT rely on gut and intuition when interviewing and hiring
  • Adding a framework for building  relationships, getting to the truth, and gaining access to power that MEDDIC lacks

Sandler SaleFish Offers the How-Tos in Qualifying, Closing and Presenting Enterprise Deals

Selling to a single buyer can be challenging enough. When you're selling into an enterprise organization, you’re dealing with multiple layers of decision makers, complex contracts, and long-cycle negotiations. Even a seasoned sales teams can be taken by surprise working with an enterprise opportunity.

In order to be successful, you have to win the business AND exceed their expectations on delivery, in order to expand the relationship over time.

Many of our clients leverage the MEDDIC sales model to help them with stronger qualification. MEDDIC and Sandler are similar yet different. They both have strengths. They are often used in tandem and compliment one another. 

We work intimately with Sales Enablement to create a formal, sales approach. One system. One language.

We offer a blended learning approach to maximize the impact and results of the training. Your team will reap the rewards of both the time invested in learning and the money you invest in learning and development with Sandler.


  • Shorten sales cycles and improve cash flow
  • Seek out, win, and grow major accounts
  • Hire salespeople that can and will sell.
  • Develop tomorrow’s leaders and today’s frontline employees

Discover what stands between your company and organizational excellence.


  • Learn how to identify and overcome common blind spots and bottlenecks of sales development.

  • Develop consistently successful hiring and onboarding processes.

  • Install a common selling language and approach to standardize your efforts.

  • Create a culture of continuous improvement and healthy accountability.

  • Develop business development plans to attract, attain, expand, and recapture profitable accounts.